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How to Set up a Neko Rig with Jon Barzacchini

Jon Barzacchini of Fishing the Midwest explains how to set up the Neko Rig for finesse fishing bass on a shy bite.

When the going gets tough, the tough fish with finesse.

When other methods don’t effectively produce bites, this is one more to add to your mental tacklebox when there’s added fishing pressure. The rigging is quite simple and the “weight” is inexpensive, and can be purchased from a hardware store for a fraction of the cost of lead or tungsten.

First, start with a size 3/0 Decoy Big Bite Finesse Hook tied straight to the mainline. The hook, normally designed for drop shot fishing, has a wider gap and is well suited for this application.

The key element to this rigging is the nail. While you can find a number of various different styles, Barzacchini prefers something with some substantial weight and grooved feel that will help keep the nail in place.

The last element to this rigging is the worm. Although a wide variety of finesse and stickbait worms can work well with this particular application, Barzacchini likes the Biospawn Exostick because of the flat ended and fat tailed design. The ribbed body also gives the bait good action in the water.

When rigging the worm, visualize the hook point protruding out of the worm opposite of the nail. Unlike wacky rigging the hook perpendicular into the center of the worm, the hook goes in parallel with the length of the worm. The hook should enter slightly offset rather directly into the mid section of the worm.

Now that you’ve learned the Neko Rig, get out there with a little finesse and nail some bass!


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How to Set up a Neko Rig with Jon Barzacchini