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How To Set the J Pattern for Waterfowl Hunting [VIDEO]

Learn a great basic duck decoy layout with the J Pattern and get waterfowl near your blind.

Get a great basic lesson on a decoy layout from the guys at Total Outdoor Programming.

The J Hook was the first decoy spread I learned how to do, and it works well, acting like a runway to bring ducks in for some good shooting opportunities. These guys show how to lay it out in a couple of easy steps.

The most important part of tricking the ducks using the decoys is motion. Using a jerk string, things will appear even more natural. The J Pattern doesn't need a ton of decoys and it works well in stronger winds.

Set up on the open side of the J, make sure you are well camouflaged, and you should get some good waterfowling action.

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How To Set the J Pattern for Waterfowl Hunting [VIDEO]