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How To Set a Hang On Treestand in 5 Minutes [VIDEO]

A hang on treestand is more portable than you think.

When it comes to changing stand locations quickly, many hunters immediately reach for a climbing stand.

However, a hang on treestand is more versatile and can be mounted in trees with more cover.

Watch this video from DIY Sportsman to learn how to set a hang on stand in five minutes.

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When deer activity gets slow or a pattern is identified, it is time to change stand locations.  Hang on treestands are lighter than climbers and can be placed in nearly any tree.  This video shows how quickly an experienced hunter can get a hang on treestand in a tree and be ready to hunt.

Do you limit yourself to straight limbless trees by using a climber or make the most of your hunting area by using a hang on treestand?  Comment below.

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How To Set a Hang On Treestand in 5 Minutes [VIDEO]