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A Serious Rimfire Riflescope for Serious Shooters [VIDEO]

Rimfire Riflescopes

If you’re a serious rimfire shooter, then you know that finding a high quality riflescope is often a difficult process. Worry no longer, my friends! The Nikon Prostaff II is a serious rimfire riflescope for the serious shooter.

In the world of rimfire riflescopes, low quality parts and meager lenses are often the only available option. Fortunately, Nikon has stepped up to the challenge and has introduced an entire product line for the serious rimfire shooter.

The ProStaff II from Nikon is constructed using all the same parts as their other scopes, so the final product is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. With Nikon’s BDC reticle and ballistic match technology, longer shots can be taken once sighted in at 50 yards with ease and absolute certainty.

Check out the video below with Adam Goess, as he talks about this incredible line of rimfire scopes.

Thanks to the great people at Nikon, finding a serious rimfire optic has never been easier.

The next time that you’re considering a new optic for your rifle, be sure to give the ProStaff II a shot and see the difference.

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A Serious Rimfire Riflescope for Serious Shooters [VIDEO]