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September Fishing for Bass Pays Off If You Do These 3 Things

September fishing for bass
Pressure Guruz

September fishing for bass can be challenging during this transition period. However, it can be some of the best if you know how to make the season work for you. 

When the days start to get a little shorter, even though the temps might not suggest it, fall is coming. Nature knows it, too. Bass start to transition a little sooner than you might think, and if you know what you're doing, you can capitalize on this change.

Here are three things you can do right now to get in on the action.

1. Look for Feeder Creeks

If the body of water you're fishing has a feeder creek, go there. Bass will be schooling up pretty heavy feasting on shad in the shallower water. The oxygen supply and constant flow of forage flowing in from the creek will keep them there until the waters cool too much and they start to go deeper. Spinnerbaits, or any fast-moving bait, will get a lot of strikes.

September fishing
Christian Graham

2. Find the Baitfish

Bass are doing everything they can to put on weight in preparation for the winter. They are going to be baitfish focused and eating everything in sight. If you are fishing in a spot that shows no sign of baitfish, you're probably going to have no sign of bass. If those baitfish are in deeper water, you'll need crankbaits to get down to them. But if those baitfish are on the surface, start throwing some topwaters, regardless of what the thermometer says.

3. Focus on the Weeds

If the weather's still warm where you are and the weeds are still growing, odds are good there's going to be a lot of aquatic life around those weeds as well. Bass will still be there as long as the food stays. Again, September fishing is all about food, and plenty of it. Shallow weeds hold oxygen, which holds bugs, which start the food chain. Casting any lures that replicate the forage in those areas will get you bit: personally, I would recommend something fast-moving to cover more water. Focusing on small pockets just isn't necessary this time of year.

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September Fishing for Bass Pays Off If You Do These 3 Things