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The Seneca White Deer Herd: Why They Need to Be Saved [VIDEO]

Seneca White Deer

The Seneca white deer herd in New York State could be in peril. Here’s why, and how you can help.

Known as the world’s largest population of white whitetail deer, the Seneca white deer are one of the rarest herds of mammals in the world.

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Watch an informative video that will tell the story of the rare Seneca white deer. Wildlife management is about knowing when to care for the creatures that make our world more beautiful and understanding the animals we hunt and fish.


In 1941 the Seneca Army depot was created in Seneca County, New York. Part of its creation included fencing in the entire perimeter which then isolated the local deer herd; a herd that carried a recessive gene giving many of these deer white coats. Although not albino, the new isolation brought on by the Army depot caused a high level of inbreeding making most of the deer white.

In the 1990s, the Army retired the depot and in 2000, the property was transferred to a local government group, the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency (IDA). Although the Army has continued to maintain the fences, it plans to leave in 2015.

Groups such as have proposed a “thinking beyond the fence” mentality and come together to raise awareness about the Seneca white deer and their future.

We have to ask ourselves: If you saw a deer like one of these in the wild as fair game, would you target the animal?



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The Seneca White Deer Herd: Why They Need to Be Saved [VIDEO]