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Semper Fi the Dachshund is Opening Doors for Tracking Dogs

The Courier-Tribune

This North Carolina dachshund is trained specifically to locate injured deer for hunters.

Jesse Houser, of Star, North Carolina, trained his beloved dachshund, Semper Fi, to track deer by their blood trails. The pup earned his name from the Marine's motto of Semper Fidelis, or always faithful, as Houser himself is a Marine veteran.

Semper Fi began his tracking training when he was just a sprout six weeks old, but since, at the age of three, has underwent field tests to ensure that he can indeed "track blood for 1,000 yards after 20 or more hours."

Houser had, in his past, been a trophy deer hunter, but instead switched gears to training tracking dogs because he felt it required not only more attention, but was also more of a selfless act in the art of hunting. He relates this to the idea that when tracking, a hunter must place himself in the mindset of the deer in question and that, as a result, allows him to feel the broader scope of his hunt.

By using Semper Fi, Houser wants the hunting world to take advantage of using dogs to track wounded deer for a myriad of reasons, including that the fact that most lost deer could indeed be found with the use of a hunting dog, instead of letting a lost deer go to waste in the wild with a wound.

The United Blood Trackers Association holds field trials for hunting and tracking dogs, and Houser and Semper Fi are both active members as Houser lives near almost 40 tracks for training his pup.

Houser said of the importance of recovering deer, "Deer can live three or four days after being shot. Fifteen perfect of deer shot with a rifle aren't recovered. Tracking stops the deer from suffering."

If you want to learn more about deer tracking, or you live in the North Carolina area and would like to enlist Houser's services, his cell phone is always available at (910) 975-3984, as is his home phone, (910) 428-3444.

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Semper Fi the Dachshund is Opening Doors for Tracking Dogs