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How To Sell Used Hunting Gear

Here are some tips for figuring out how to sell used hunting gear and get the most out of the experience.

Make sure it's in excellent condition

Nobody wants to buy a chipped scope or a tattered pair of boots.  If it's not too costly or time consuming, it could be worth your time to improve the condition of your used hunting gear.  Not only will this make it easier to sell, it could increase its value.

Find out what it's worth

Of course, when it comes to used items, there's almost no way to determine an exact value.  If the equipment is in excellent condition or is likely a particularly valuable piece, it might just be worth the trouble of having it appraised.

Barring that, it could be a great deal more convenient to simply estimate it for yourself.  Look at its retail price.  Unless it is a rare item, its value has likely gone down.  Sites like ebay or amazon can provide an idea for the value of comparable items.

Pick a place to sell it

Perhaps the most important step to successfully selling hunting equipment is to choose an appropriate place to do so.  In this modern technological age, it is particularly easy to sell online.  Craigslist and ebay, for example, allow you to sell to a wide audience with relative ease, particularly if you are able to photograph your equipment before listing it.  However, this method is not useful for all equipment.  Websites like ebay restrict the sale of guns and knives.  When looking for an online marketplace, check first to ensure it allows the sale of your item.

If you prefer to sell it in person, try resale stores.  Make sure you arrive knowing the value of your item so you can work out a bargain, but understand that you will likely have to sell it for less, as resale stores also want to make a profit.  Garage sales are another option if you are looking to quickly clear out your supply, but these will likely yield slim profits.

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How To Sell Used Hunting Gear