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Creatures of Zion Nation Park Release their Own Animal Selfies [PICS]

Images via KSL/Zion NP

We see them everyday online, but have you ever seen an animal selfie?

Researchers and biologists set up cameras in Zion National Park located in Utah to help monitor animals in the area.

When they checked the memory of their cameras, they saw multiple animal “selfies” and had to share them with everyone.


One of the most interesting photos you will see in the collection is the ringtail cat. The ringtail cat only comes out at night so it is rarely seen, but because of Zion’s selfie cameras, we all can see a photo of this extraordinary creature.










The park is home to 207 species of birds and 68 species of mammals including the kangaroo rat, desert tortoise, mule deer, fox, and rock squirrel most of which you can see in the selfie shots.

Check out all the animal selfies of Zion National Park here.

The Serengeti National Park also uses cameras to help monitor the area and has released their animal selfies as well. You can see those remarkable photos here.

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Creatures of Zion Nation Park Release their Own Animal Selfies [PICS]