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Self-Guided Archery Moose Hunt In Washington On Public Land [VIDEO]

Self-Guided archery Moose Hunt In Washington On Public Land

Moose tags in Washington are tough to draw, but this guy got one after over a decade of trying. Check out his awesome video of his self-guided archery moose hunt.

Those who do not live in the Pacific Northwest may not know that there is a sizable Shiras Moose population in the northeast corner of Washington. They may be hunted, but the tags are only issued through a special draw and are some of the toughest tags to draw in the country.

After over a decade of trying, this guy was successfully drawn for a once in a lifetime moose tag. Accompanied by his brother and nephew, he struck out on a self-guided archery moose hunt on public land to try and fill his tag.

Fortunately, moose are very well managed in Washington, so the moose hunting here is excellent, as long as you draw a tag. They filmed the entire hunt, which includes a great stalk, shot, and a really happy ending.

The video is long, but you can skip ahead to the 8 minute mark if you’re short on time.

Is that an awesome video of a self-guided archery moose hunt or what? It’s one thing to kill a big one when on a guided moose hunt, but doing it on a self-guided hunt on public land has got to be incredibly satisfying.

Maybe I’ll get drawn for a Washington moose tag one day and find out for myself…

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Self-Guided Archery Moose Hunt In Washington On Public Land [VIDEO]