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How To Self-Film Your Bow Hunts [Video]

Here are some pointers on how to self-film your bow hunts.

We all think about hunts that have passed. Whether we were successful or not, it is something that we remember.

With so much advanced technology, we now have the opportunity to take out video cameras like GoPros or action cams. I think we may have all thought about doing it, but what is the best way to self-film our hunts? Thanks to The Consummate Sportsman we are that much closer to being able to get out there and catch all the excitement for future generations to see.

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He gives some pretty valid reasons behind why he goes with two cameras and not a camera arm.  I think myself that I like the idea of attaching a GoPro to my compound bow. I think that this method would work better for me for the spot and stalk method of hunting that I am more used to do doing here in the West.

What tips do you have for the beginner that wants to start filming their hunts? What has helped you to see the most success when you are trying to capture that dream buck hunt on camera? Let us know in the comments.

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How To Self-Film Your Bow Hunts [Video]