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The Seesaw Fail: What Goes up Most Come Down

These hikers should stay away from high places, even if it is on the other end of a seesaw in this seesaw fail.

This giant seesaw doesn’t really seem like the best idea for that many people at once.

Watch this video and see these elderly hikers take a plummet off a big seesaw in a seesaw fail.

These hikers might have what it takes for long trail hikes, but they do not have what it takes for staying on this giant log ride.

When you see the beginning of a video that you know will go horribly wrong is what we have here. There are fourteen seasoned hikers all lined up on a giant log seesaw. What goes up must come down. This is what exactly happens to these hapless hikers.

With adulthood usually comes common sense against such epic fails. Listen to your instincts unlike these fine classic hikers.


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The Seesaw Fail: What Goes up Most Come Down