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Have You Seen the World’s First Solar-Powered Jacket?

A company called ThermalTech says that they have designed and built the world’s only solar-powered jacket that will convert and store heat.

The world changed the day that someone invented a pair of socks that used batteries to help keep your feet warm. Soon after that it was gloves and even vests that incorporated power to help outdoorsmen and women stay outside even longer.

Now with the ThermalTech solar-powered smart jacket you can have all the energy of the sun to heat up your garment without all the bulk of heavy batteries. Here’s a look at their fundraising project on Indiegogo.

The company says that “Utilizing patented, lightweight energy absorbing technology, ThermalTech is designed to capture the sun’s ultraviolet rays and energy from artificial light sources to convert and store as heat- increasing the in-clothing temperature by 18°F in only two minutes!”

ThermalTech has patented the process of solar-capturing smart fabric technology in a lightweight stainless steel mesh that can last for quite some time.

The jacket can capture and reflect the wearer’s own body heat for use long after the sun goes down. The company says that a person wearing their jacket can easily wear two to three pounds less clothing and still have the same warmth.

In the video ThermalTech Public Relations Officer Fatima Rocha says “We’re a team of five PhD’s that spent three years testing, designing, and developing the material”

If you donate through enough through the Indiegogo site you may get as much as 50 percent off the retail price. Should you donate $139 you would get a Street model jacket. $149 would get you an Explorer model, and for $169 you would land the Extreme.

The jackets come in men’s and women’s styles so all options are open.


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Have You Seen the World’s First Solar-Powered Jacket?