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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: 5 Ways to Use Trees to Survive

Lost in a forest, what do you do? Use the trees to survive. 

If you are ever lost in the woods with no emergency supplies, just use the trees for your survival. Here are five ways you can use the trees around you to sustain yourself.

1. Location

What way is north? Not always correct but helpful; moss grows more on the damp north side of a tree. Check many trees before making your decision, and often times they will point your way north.

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2. Fire Fuel

Pick the dry branches of trees, especially from the pine species that are full of flammable pine resin. If they snap off easily, they are dry enough and will give you a quick warm fire.

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3. Shelter

A fine shelter can be improvised quickly from trees, especially with the conifer species that many traditional woodsmen used.

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4. Food?

Yes, from nuts off of trees, edible berries and even the inner, softer bark of birch and eastern hemlock species cut into strips and cooked like noodles, you will survive.

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5. Need something to drink?

Wild grape vines grow on trees and can be cut which will allow the vine to drop water right into your mouth. Maple trees and birch trees have delicious sap that can be drunk as is, boiled into syrup, or made into candy.

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There you have it, trees can save our lives out in the wilderness. Tread lightly, enjoy our forests and know they can take care of you in dire situations.


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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: 5 Ways to Use Trees to Survive