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Seeing Handmade Bamboo Fly Rods Created is Beautiful [VIDEO]

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Watch a master fly rod maker create his bamboo masterpieces from scratch.

In today’s world we need instant gratification. No longer do we feel the need to take the time to create things for ourselves, but purchase them pre-built, ready to go.

There is a beauty and pride in learning to master these lost arts, such as building bamboo fly rods.

Zarn is French fly rod builder who has mastered his craft. He creates each one of masterpieces from scratch with raw bamboo.

Watch as he carefully sculpts them into rods any fly angler would be proud to own.

I like how you can see the passion and tenderness he puts into each rod as he carefully works on them. It is crazy to think that it all started as a strip of bamboo.

Just think that a few decades ago this was the norm when you needed a fishing rod. There weren’t too many mass produced and available fiberglass rods like we have now.

I just hope he has an apprentice so the knowledge he has does not end with him.

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Seeing Handmade Bamboo Fly Rods Created is Beautiful [VIDEO]