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See Why the Suicide Duck Won Best Hard Lure at ICAST

Check out this video and find out why the suicide duck won Best Hard Lure of the year at ICAST 2016!

Just in case you were living under a rock for the past few weeks, ICAST 2016 was in full throttle this past week. They showcased some of the most creative products that the fishing industry has ever seen. Despite the overflow of innovation, one lure stood out amongst the crowd. The amazingly realistic Suicide Duck from Savage Gear won the award for the Best Hard Lure at ICAST 2016.

Check out this fantastic video demonstrating the new lure in action.

"It is said that a great op water strike counts for 10 regular hits - tie on the Suicide Duck and find out!" - Savage Gear Team

The realism is there, the action is there, now it is time to get some for yourself and try them out on your local waters. Pike, largemouth bass, musky, and other large predatory fish are certainly going to find this lure appealing. Growing up in Florida has taught me one thing: big bass love big baits!

This certainly qualifies as a big bait. The size options on this bait are either 10.5 centimeters or 15 centimeters and range in a variety of color options. This awesome lure is able to be rigged in multiple ways to ensure it fishes best in every situation you are in.

Photo by Savage Gear
Photo by Savage Gear

By tying to the top of the lure you are able to cause the lure to look just like a baby duck that is trying to keep a low profile while sneaking through the pads. If you tie to the lower tying point it will cause the lure to ride higher in the water in order to perfectly imitate a fleeing baby duck.

Needless to say, the topwater strikes that this lure will cause will be worth your time spent throwing it.


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See Why the Suicide Duck Won Best Hard Lure at ICAST