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See What the Inside of a Shotgun Looks Like [VIDEO]

You know you’ve always wanted to see the inside of a shotgun. This video shows an awesome cutaway.

Sometimes the hunting and outdoor gear we use is taken for granted. That is to say, we really have little idea how things work, but they do, so we don’t bother looking into it.

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But when we do, the things we find are sometimes pretty amazing. Take, for instance, this cutaway of a Winchester Model 12, shown in a video from MidwayUSA. The 12-gauge pump action shotgun has an intricate system working on the inside, and seeing it happen is pretty awesome.


The next time you grab your shotgun for a little skeet shooting, a turkey hunt, or a cleaning and conditioning session, you’ll almost certainly look at it differently.

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See What the Inside of a Shotgun Looks Like [VIDEO]