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See the Beauty of Fly Fishing Alaska with This Amazing Drone Footage


This beautifully shot drone footage shows why so many angler’s dream of going to Alaska to fly fish.

It is just about every fly fisherman’s dream to go to Alaska. The numerous unscathed waterways filled with wild salmon and trout call to us.

The Bristol Bay region of Alaska is home to the Alagnok River, which is one of the richest salmon waters in the world. It is also home to the remote fishing lodge Angler’s Alibi.

Their team recently spent some time capturing the beauty of the area with the aid of a drone. They do not disappoint and will leave you wanting to book a fly fishing trip ASAP.

They did an incredible job overall shooting this video. They were right on balance between showing off the beautiful waterways alongside fly fisherman slamming rainbow trout.

The shots they captured of the hundreds of fish swimming up river began to get me itching to grab my own tackle and head out.

I cannot wait for the day I step off of a plane and venture into the wilds of Alaska. I have so many things to cross off my bucket list there with not only fishing, but hunting and hiking as well. Hopefully I can convince my wife to take that trip here soon, or maybe I will tag along with my sister when she goes next year.


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See the Beauty of Fly Fishing Alaska with This Amazing Drone Footage