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Who is This Badass Chick, and How is She Helping the Hunt Against Poachers?


Nobody likes poachers. Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife is bringing in the big guns with Kinessa Johnson. 

Kinessa Johnson is a former US Army soldier who fought in Afghanistan. She then joined Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW) to help African animals with anti-poaching efforts.

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VETPAW employs former Army veterans to help train park rangers and surrounding communities to protect local wildlife from poachers. They also provide poacher rehabilitation that enables poachers to make a life through alternate employment such as conservation education and agricultural classes.

VETPAW not only helps by employing veterans, but also ensures they are making a difference.

Kinessa Johnson's photo has been circulating the Internet, bringing attention to this amazing program. She is also a model for Tracer, Lanxang Tactical and Skallywag Tactical.


This picture is on the verge of breaking the Internet, because what she stands for aligns with all sides. Although the former soldiers don't set out with the intent to kill anyone, she is technically hunting poachers. And that statement has gotten everyone riled up. Not to mention many marriage proposals being sent Kinessa's way.

She opened a Reddit feed and has gotten 4,217 questions or comments in one day. Her thread is titled "A Poacher Hunter."

The hype of a hot girl with a big gun who hunts poachers may have initially gotten the buzz started. But hopefully this will bring attention to the bigger picture; that African animals like elephants and rhinos are being pushed to the edge of extinction by poaching, and organizations like VETPAW are attempting to right this wrong.

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The hype was exactly what Kinessa was going for. She is using social media to bring attention to VETPAW by posting pictures on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, and she now has more than 44,000 followers. I think it is safe to say she succeeded in getting people's attention.

VETPAW is a non-profit, so they rely on outside monetary support. If you would like to donate, visit the VETPAW website.

Facebook/Kinessa Johnson

Outdoor photos via Tracer/Facebook


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Who is This Badass Chick, and How is She Helping the Hunt Against Poachers?