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See Why Roadrunners are the Thugs of the Southwest [VIDEO]


I bet you don’t remember the cartoon roadrunner being this hardcore.

Roadrunners are most often familiarized with the infamous roadrunner from the “Looney Tunes.” These super fast birds are capable of running up to 20-plus miles per hour. They mainly live in the deserts across the Southwestern United States and Mexico, which is also home to their favorite food… rattlesnakes.

Very few animals on the planet are capable of taking on venomous snakes while living to tell the tale. Rattlesnakes are quick, accurate, and obviously deliver a deadly blow when they sink their fangs into prey or predators. It takes something faster and a little more cocky to want to go after them, like a roadrunner.

Caution: The music accompanying this video has some foul language at times and is not suitable for younger viewers.

I never would have thought about a roadrunner preying on rattlesnakes. They just don’t look like the type to be able to pull something like that off. Those things a ruthless, especially the way it just smashes it into the ground repeatedly until the snake quits moving.

This also explains why the roadrunner from the cartoons never really cared much about Wiley E. Coyote coming after him. When you’re faster than a rattlesnake what else do you really have to worry about catching you?

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See Why Roadrunners are the Thugs of the Southwest [VIDEO]