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See Rare Footage of a Black Whitetail Deer

Catch a glimpse of the most unknown and rarest coloration of whitetail deer: a black whitetail deer.

Although albino and piebald deer are rare, they are not the most rare coloration of whitetail deer in North America. That distinction is held by the melanistic deer, or black whitetail deer.

Watch this video for rare video footage of the black whitetail deer.

Isn’t that guy a beautiful piece of creation?

You might be wondering what has happened to make this anomaly occur. Although these deer are extremely rare and have underwent very little research, biologists do know this coloration occurs because the deer is producing far too much melanin. As many people know, the amount of melanin in the skin determines skin color in both humans and animals.

Want to hunt a melanistic deer? Well, odds are pretty slim that you’ll ever get a crack at one. The largest concentrations of black whitetail deer are found in south central Texas between Austin and San Antonio. It’s been said there are more black whitetail deer living in this region than the rest of the world combined.

The color alteration of melanistic deer living in the dense and dark brush of that country might give them a survival advantage and allow them to spread their genetics, of course leading to more black whitetail deer.

At this point in time, it doesn’t appear any of the Texas ranches in this region are offering special hunts for black whitetail deer, and hunters will have to gamble on the chance they might see one.

In the end, just knowing these sleek animals are alive is worth appreciating. If nothing else it offers us a glimpse into the complexity and diversity of life on this planet. The world is a truly amazing place if we take the time to sit back and admire it.


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See Rare Footage of a Black Whitetail Deer