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See Like a Deer Using the Whitetail Vizion Pro App [PICS]

whitetail vizion

Have you ever wondered how whitetails see your camo clothing? Find out by using the Whitetail Vision Pro app.

Most hunters know that deer see differently than humans. But a new Android app on Google Play called Whitetail Vizion Pro allows you to capture an image and view it with the color perception of a deer.

The app simulates the dichromatic (two color receptor) vision of a whitetail. The image-processing algorithm used in the Whitetail Vizion Pro analyzes and adjusts each pixel, rather than just applying a blanket filter to the image.

whitetail vizion

Whitetail Vizion uses decades of university research about the anatomy of a deer eye, responses to light stimuli, and behavioral reactions. This research indicates that deer see the color blue very well. However, the app removes colors from images that deer do not see well (i.e. red).

This is especially important to deer hunters who want to better understand concealment of their camouflage clothing.

Here are some ideas for most effective use of the Whitetail Vizion Pro app:

-Place camo against a natural backdrop to find out what blends in and what stands out.
-Take a picture of a hunter in a stand.
-Take a picture of a ground blind.
-Take pictures in a variety of light conditions (i.e., full sun and shade).

The developer, Yale Leiden, holds a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management from the University of Wyoming. Leiden also developed a popular app called Tournament 3D for keeping score in 3D archery.

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See Like a Deer Using the Whitetail Vizion Pro App [PICS]