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See Just How Much Work a Beaver Dam Does When This One Breaks

beaver dam
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Not many people have had a chance to see a beaver dam collapse. You’ll be amazed when you join the ranks by watching this video.

A beaver dam is an amazing piece of engineering, but from just seeing a lake, it’s hard to tell how much they do. When you see this one break, though, you really see the full power of the dam and the devastation that it leaves in its wake when it can no longer stand up to the task of holding back the water. Check out this beaver dam in Northern Minnesota as it collapses in a much shorter time than you might imagine.

Apparently this beaver dam was in the works for over seven years and was around nine feet tall at the time of collapse. When it gave way, the lake that had built up behind it was completely trained in right around four hours. You could see just how quickly the water was moving, and just how different the landscape looked after the water was gone. Definitely something to keep in mind if you have a beaver dam on your property.

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See Just How Much Work a Beaver Dam Does When This One Breaks