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Busch Beer Wraps Harvick’s Car, Special Cans in Blaze Orange Hunting Motif

Hunting, NASCAR and Busch beer are some of our favorite things. This week we will get them all at once.

If you are watching this weekend’s Sprint Cup race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, you won’t miss the No. 4 Busch beer car driven by Kevin Harvick. The Chevrolet will feature a blaze orange paint scheme that will remind you what season we are really in: Hunting season.

Besides the obvious hunting inspired color, the car features the Busch Beer logo (of course) and many more hunting related images. The orange paint will definitely stand out and will be a source of pride for all of the hunters watching Harvick in the race. How cool would it be if he wins this one?

Woods, deer, duck and Busch beer…what else could you ask for?

Busch Beer

Busch is also running a promotion right now; their beer cans are decked out with another nod to our favorite pastime, hunting. They have also run a similar theme with different species of fish. The four Busch Beer cans will be available until December and have something for all types of hunters.

Imagine how you will feel after you down a big buck and get to enjoy a cold beer with a deer right on the can. They also have cans featuring elk, pheasant, and ducks.

Besides the cool cans and car, they are running a contest with five grand prize hunting trips. If you find a gold can inside one of the limited edition boxes, you’ll score one of the prizes. In total there are 100,000 gold cans that were randomly inserted into 18, 24 and 30 packs of 12-ounce cans. 

There are also weekly hunting related prizes, and you’ll get a camo koozie just for entering. To try your chance, follow this link at Good luck and enjoy that beer, responsibly of course.


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Busch Beer Wraps Harvick’s Car, Special Cans in Blaze Orange Hunting Motif