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See the Futuristic Keltec KSG Shotgun in Action [VIDEO]

Keltec’s KSG bullpup shotgun is quite a compact, futuristic package!

This short shotgun packs a punch, and it’s made right here in the U.S.

See what hickok45 thinks of this cool little shotgun.

The Keltec KSG shotgun is one very interesting bullpup shotgun design.

It utilizes two separate magazine tubes with a capacity of six rounds each. With both magazines loaded and one shell in the barrel, you have a grand total of 13 rounds to shoot at your target before reloading.

Hickok45 tried out the Keltec KSG shotgun, sporting an EoTech weapon sight. This combination easily brings the payload to the spot you want to hit. Shotgun slugs do very well with this setup.

If you are looking for an extraordinary shotgun, this one just might have your name on it!

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See the Futuristic Keltec KSG Shotgun in Action [VIDEO]