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The Garbage Found in This Orca Whale’s Stomach is Ridiculous

News 24

This sick whale ingested garbage from Cape Town Bay in her final hours.

A dead whale that washed ashore in Cape Town, South Africa is gaining some attention for the odd items found in its stomach.

The 18-foot long female orca whale was found to have a stomach full of garbage. The sole of a shoe and various food wrappers were found after the orca was dissected by scientists, according to News 24.

News 24

“We’re not sure whether it’s cause or effect, but she might have been trying to pick up anything she could,” Dr. Gwenith Penry told the news station. “Or she swallowed something earlier and it blocked her passages, so she felt full, but it wasn’t digesting.”

News 24 additionally reports the orca had beached once earlier in Plettenberg Bay earlier in the week, but people were able to get it back out in the ocean. She was apparently separated from her pod, and with news of what the animal ate, apparently also very sick.

There is a tiny bit of good news. Scientists plan to preserve the orca’s skeleton for display in a museum. While it’s a sad end for this orca, perhaps her story can help bring some attention to the pollution in the world’s oceans.

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The Garbage Found in This Orca Whale’s Stomach is Ridiculous