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See a Ferocious Catfish Bite Up Close [VIDEO]

catfish bite

Thanks to a camera set up on an aquarium, we get a crystal clear shot of a catfish bite.

If you have ever fished for these ferocious predators, you know the catfish bite by feel alone. It's quite easy to tell when a catfish hits your bait, because you can feel the intensity of the attack.

Check out what this catfish does to one of its aquarium buddies.

It looks like that fish was subtly trying to invade the catfish's space and establish dominance. Unfortunately for him, he was not the most dominant fish in the tank and paid dearly for his mistake.

Fortunately for us, the camera was rolling and we got a great shot of the ferocious catfish bite.

It's amazing how quickly it can happen, right?

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See a Ferocious Catfish Bite Up Close [VIDEO]