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This Dog and His Boat Will Either Make You Laugh or Upset You

Watch who’s holding the boat at the launch for this fisherman and decide if you would tie your dog up like that.

This is an interesting video that has no middle ground- you’ll like it or hate it. The dog is holding on to the boat for ‘daddy’ until he parks the truck and comes back to take him along, no big deal right?

Not so fast because that doggy isn’t holding anything, he’s tied to it.

Note: the dog in this video was not hurt. 

The first time I watched this I thought it was very cool, but that’s because I started it again after seeing what I thought was the dog holding the rope in his mouth. When you realize that the poor dog is tied to the boat, it changes everything.

Even as gingerly as that boat was launched, it still dragged the dog down the ramp by a rope tied to his neck! I’m sure he was watching, but the driver didn’t miss him by much with the trailer, either. The dog was just fine and no worse for the wear, but put him in the boat next time.

By the location of the person that posted the video and the accent heard, this is in Australia somewhere where they love their dogs as much as anybody else.

Just don’t tie your dog to your boat so you can launch it without getting your feet wet.


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This Dog and His Boat Will Either Make You Laugh or Upset You