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See the Biggest Great White Shark Ever Caught on Camera [VIDEO]

Great White shark

This great white shark is undoubtedly one of the biggest specimens ever filmed in the wild.

The great white shark is one of the top predators in the entire ocean. Explosive leaping attacks on seals show the power that these massive creatures possess and their rows of razor sharp teeth are the things of nightmares.

The great white shark in this video is likely to be the largest ever caught on camera and it is scary huge!

Looking like it swam straight out of the popular movie "Jaws," this great white shark looms out of the murky depths to investigate divers near a shark cage. For some reason, the divers are not inside this cage, but are swimming near it.

One of the divers even reaches out to touch one of the shark's giant fins. It looks like it could swallow an adult human in one bite!

Aside from the length, this great white shark has incredibly impressive girth. The shark smoothly glides through the water around the divers before quietly swimming back towards the depths.

This video just goes to show you that the ocean holds many incredible creatures and a monster-sized great white shark is among them.

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See the Biggest Great White Shark Ever Caught on Camera [VIDEO]