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See What a Barrett .50 Cal Can Do to a Propane Tank [VIDEO]

Time for some propane-powered ‘splosions!

You know Hank Hill won’t approve, but the rest of Second Amendment America will.

The guys over at GY6vids brought their Barrett Model 82A1 to the range along with some one-pound propane tanks to see what it would take to get an explosion. They got it, but not in the way you might think.

2:02 in the video is where things get interesting.

The good news is it seems the chances of your propane lantern or catalytic heater blowing sky high are pretty slim.

It wasn’t until they lit the barrel the tank was sitting on that the escaping gas actually caught fire. It’s a long way to go to get a bang, but it sure was sweet when it popped!

They’re taking suggestions on their YouTube page on what they should blow up next. Let them know what you’d like to see go boom!

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See What a Barrett .50 Cal Can Do to a Propane Tank [VIDEO]