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See 10 of the Biggest Bucks of 2016

biggest bucks of 2016

There’s another year in the books, along with these 10 giant whitetails.

2016 was a boom or bust season for many hunters across the country.

The midwest had various huge bucks shot, like every year, but states like Tennessee and Mississippi gained the attention of masses. Every year deer are shot that push the brink of breaking old records like the Hansen buck and the Mel Johnson buck, did any of these deer finally break decades old records.

So let’s take a look of some of the biggest bucks of 2016 that we could find.

1. 220 Inch Buck Shot in Missouri

Bowdacious Outdoors

This was one of the first bucks to make waves this season. Darrell Collision shot this buck near Charity, Missouri and the buck grossed 220 4/8 inches.

2. Potential World Record Whitetail Shot in Tennessee

Bow Hunting

Arguably one of the most popular stories of 2016 was this mammoth whitetail shot in Tennessee by 26-year-old Stephen Tucker. The buck gross scored 313 2/8 inches. After Boone & Crockett deductions the buck scored 308 3/8 inches before the drying period. The current record is 307 5/8 inches. After the 60-day drying period, we will have to see if it holds the record.

Yes, the world record whitetail may have very well been hunted this season.

3. Incredible Typical Iowa Whitetail

Trophy Bucks of Iowa

Austin Pontier shot this giant typical buck in Osceola, Iowa. As we wait for the official score, this buck could go down in the history books.

4. Youngster Shoots South Carolina Record Buck

Horn Hunters Outdoors

Justin Hodges, a 12-year-old from South Carolina, shot what could easily be the new typical record with a green score of 178 inches. Just like the previous deer we’ve mentioned, we will have to eagerly wait for the 60-day drying period to see where this buck stands in the record bucks.

5. Louisiana 11-point

Louisiana Sportsman

Charlie Lusco shot this huge 11-point on December 1st, and it could potentially break a 73-year-old record.

6. Mississipi Archery Record Buck


Take a look at this dream buck shot in the Magnolia state. The buck grossed 180 7/8  inches and netted 179 1/8 . With so little deductions, the buck was practically perfect. The current score will put it more than five inches above the current record.

7. Trent Siegle’s Kansas Buck

Heartland Bowhunter

Trent Siegle of Heartland Bowhunter shot this 224 inch whitetail during the early part of the season. The buck was named ‘Mufasa’ and we can see why.

8. Incredible Ohio Buck

Bad Blood

Mark Preecher shot what could be the new world record and dethrone the Hansen buck. It was rumored to green score 234 inches before the drying period. 2016 was clearly a year of giants with bucks like this being shot.

9. Mark Drury’s Record Year

Biggest Bucks of 2016
Drury Outdoors

Mark Drury has single-handedly claimed one of the most incredible documented seasons. He bagged three different Booners in 2016, including the one pictured above which was shot in late October. The buck scored 217 2/8″ and is the largest deer for Mark to date. After shooting the buck, the Drury’s shared some of the footage and broke down the hunt, step by step.

10. 78-Year Old and His 36-Point Buck

All Things Hunting

One of the feel good stories of 2016 was when Jim Wackler of Minnesota shot a buck of many lifetimes.

Many other awesome deer were shot this year, and if you or a friend would like to be featured on Wide Open Spaces, learn more here.

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See 10 of the Biggest Bucks of 2016