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Security Camera Captures Mountain Lion On Top Of Car

Every now and then a surveillance camera catches something very unexpected.

A homeowner in San Jose, California was notified that the motion detector of his outside surveillance system was activated during the night before. Upon reviewing the footage, he found something that caught the whole neighborhood by surprise.

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A mountain lion was video taped climbing on top of his car in the his driveway, taking a look around, then climbing off only to walk out of view of the camera. Neighbors were shocked to hear about the recording because mountain lions are just not known to be in that specific area.

Local authorities estimate the size of the mountain lion around 70 to 80 pounds. That is 70 to 80 pounds of mountain lion more than I want to deal with.

Have you ever had a close call with a mountain in your neck of the woods? 

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Security Camera Captures Mountain Lion On Top Of Car