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The Secret to Grilling Great Backstraps [VIDEO]

back strap

Many people’s favorite part of the deer are the backstraps. Learn one of the best ways to cook them on the grill.

Learning to properly cook venison is an essential skill for any deer hunter. It helps to mask or almost eliminate the strong gamey taste that most people are not accustomed to.

When it comes to cooking backstraps there are a few secrets to cooking them that will leave them melting in your mouth.

Scott Leysath, also known at “The Sporting Chef,” knows a few things about preparing wild game. He is a professional chef who is responsible for creating tons of different recipes specifically catering to wild meats and fish.

Here he demonstrates a delicious way to prepare some venison backstraps on a grill.

This video really got my mouth watering. I have a few backstraps still tucked away from last deer season in my freezer. I think I may have found the best way to finish off my meat supply with this though.

Recipes like this are great when preparing venison or other wild meats for someone for the first time, or for people who don’t like the gamey taste in the meat.

My wife and kids are like this, but with the right seasonings and other fixin’s they eat venison with me every year.

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The Secret to Grilling Great Backstraps [VIDEO]