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Second Record Bearded Hen in a Week Harvested

Not one, but two record bearded hens were harvested in one week!

Surry County hunter, John Money, harvested North Carolina's National Wild Turkey Federation record bearded hen on April 30! The hen weighed in at 12 pounds and had a 9 1/2-inch beard.

The turkey scored 31.0625 points on the NWTF scale and is enough to displace Josh Pruitt's bearded hen he harvested just three days before on April 27. You can check out his bearded hen here.

record bearded hen

The Trap Hill resident now holds the No. 12th ranked hen in the world. Money says he didn't even realize it was a hen until walking nearly halfway to it.

"I was so focused on the beard, and a little surprised that this bird showed up so quickly, that I didn't even notice it was hen until after I shot it," Money said.

Money had been focused on a gobbler about 400 yards away that he hadn't noticed the hen approaching his direction.

"Something caught my eye as I was looking in the direction I knew the gobbler would approach. I looked and saw it was another turkey. All I saw was the beard swinging, and it was already close and coming in," he said.

Money eventually got in contact with the NWTF and the organization put him in contact with an official scorer.

"This record might stand for 15 years, or it might be broken before the season is out, but it's just an honor to have the North Carolina state record, and to have the 12th highest-scoring bearded hen in the world. I spent a lot of time in the woods, and it's just great to have something like this happen." Money said.

A record bearded hen is a memory that will never be forgotten, but remember any turkey you harvest will create a memory to last a lifetime.

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Second Record Bearded Hen in a Week Harvested