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'A Season to Remember' Trailer Will Leave You Ready for a Father-Son Hunt

Billy Kats | A Season To Remember

A Season to Remember depicts the true bond of hunting tradition and reminds us to cease the moment. 

Get ready for a documentary that will fill your heart and have you reflecting on your hunting and outdoor experiences. Billy Kats sets forth on a full season journey that varies from a Canada bear hunt to an Illinois whitetail hunt, but the hunting itself doesn't generate the majority of the storyline.

The film is a tribute to Billy Kat's father, who tragically passed away eight years ago. Watch the riveting trailer for A Season To Remember.

I had a chance to catch up with Billy Kats and here's what he had to say about the documentary,

"The goal of this film is to celebrate the life of a man that was so giving and to move forward and remind us to take the time, as he did, to pass down our tradition and leave something behind so that person, and that legacy, lives forever."

This trailer creates plenty of anticipation to see the full documentary. The film can remind everyone of where their hunting roots begin. Many hunters learned from their fathers, uncles, or family friends. Take the time thank those who introduced you into the great outdoors, and pass on that tradition.


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'A Season to Remember' Trailer Will Leave You Ready for a Father-Son Hunt