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‘Searching’ for Something in the New England Grouse Woods

In a juxtaposition between the grouse woods of old and the modern, urban life, a man searches for meaning and pines for days past.

This is a film that explores what once was, and what seems to be slipping away. It looks at a time when grouse were plentiful and when more hunters pursued them than they do today. These days the pursuit is different. The zeal is still there, but the pursuit of grouse is…different.

Coming from a time when “sleeping bags lined every available space of a camp floor” and when people took the time to get away and immerse themselves in nature, those days seem quaint and distant in today’s technological world.

Yet all it takes to regain that feeling, that world, is to step into it. To make the conscious effort to put the modern in its place and to step backwards into a time that was simpler, less burdensome, less chaotic.

He escapes to that which is more fundamental, more true, more real. It’s a circle of life thing. The desire to immerse oneself into the struggle to overcome failure, and to play a role in the natural order.

That’s a lot to ask of a game bird. It’s a lot to ask of anything. But the ruffed grouse is more than just a bird. It’s a bird with a history, connecting those of us who hunt it to those in the past. It’s that profound and that simple.

Here’s a little about Project Upland – The Grouse Woods Experience on Film and their mission.

RGS teamed up with Dangerous Cow Publishing to capture the passions and traditions of the grouse woods to inspire the next generation of hunters.

Project Upland, a unique bird hunting initiative that captures the passions and traditions of the grouse woods to inspire a new generation of upland hunters. With eight powerful short films delivered over the course of six weeks, the series engages viewers in a wide array of hunting culture.

This multi-video production celebrates those experiences we treasure in the grouse woods – stories and cherished memories that are essential to engage the next generation of grouse hunters and conservationists.



A Passion for Ruffed Grouse Shines in ‘Because They’re Wild’

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‘Searching’ for Something in the New England Grouse Woods