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The Search for a Bear in Tracy, California Ends, Eventually

Tracey Press

The bear in Tracy, California puts officials on a long and almost fruitless search. 

On Tuesday a bear in Tracy, California was sighted by a resident, prompting a five hour search, which proved to be a wild goose chase.

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Lt. Kami Ysit told reporters this was the first sighting of the bear in Tracy, which occurred at 8:45 p.m. After several hours they found nothing. However, at 1:56 a.m. the following morning a second call came in about the bear in Tracy. This time the bear was photographed, and 10 police, armed with rifles, searched near the Orchard Parkway for the animal.

Ysit told reporters of their efforts to find the bear in Tracy, "We have been searching all night for the bear," Ysit said. "We are partnering with the Tracy Unified School District for a reverse phone tree to alert parents of the situation."

At 7 a.m., after searching for the bear in Tracy using a helicopter with infrared equipment, the animal was still not found. Police considered closing the local school until the bear was located. "Our goal is to find the bear, tranquilize it and return it to the wild," Ysit told reporters." The bear in Tracy, was eventually found days later, but it's presence in Tracy remains a mystery.

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The Search for a Bear in Tracy, California Ends, Eventually