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A Seaplane Almost Takes These Anglers’ Heads Off [VIDEO]

Whether you hook a monster, jump in the water, or just have a boat plane skim your skull, fishing can sometimes be really scary.

Well, this is something that you just don’t see every day.

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Here are two nice guys trying to get some fishing in when some dude in a seaplane takes a big fat wrong turn. Tell me this wouldn’t be your reaction:


I know, I know, seems like that guy waited a little too long to get going on that outboard, eh? I’m thinking that most of us would have heard the engines on that monster and have long since been paying attention to it. This seems like a scene from a movie or a television show. I think it is.

But that’s the fun of it: you’re out there fishing, minding your own business, maybe even taking a big fat nap, and a twin engine pterodactyl swings by and tries to eat you.

Ever see a boat plane this close while you were fishing?

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A Seaplane Almost Takes These Anglers’ Heads Off [VIDEO]