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Teenage Girl’s YouTube Video Prompts #Sealfie Campaign to Support Inuit Seal Harvest

A 17-year-old Inuit girl’s YouTube video that takes Ellen Degeneres to task for opposing seal hunting in Canada has prompted the viral #sealfie Internet campaign to support the Inuit seal harvest.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Ellen Degeneres’s selfie during the Oscars that featured a bunch of A-list movie stars. Samsung pledged to donate $1 for every retweet of the selfie to charities of Ellen’s choosing. One of those charities was the Humane Society of America – an organization that has long been opposed to seal hunting in Canada.

That upset 17-year-old Killaq Enuaraq-Strauss from the Inuit region of Nunavut in northern Canada. She’s a big fan of Ellen, but decided to take her to task on YouTube for supporting a seal hunting ban in Canada.

The Inuit people have hunted seals for sustenance and clothing for more than 4,000 years. Seal hunting is an integral part of their culture and survival. “I also eat seal meat more times than I can count,” says Enuaraq-Strauss in the video. “But I can’t apologize for that.” 

The video prompted a viral Twitter campaign to support the Inuit’s seal harvest . Using the hashtag #sealfie, people from the Nunavut region are posting pictures of their seal-skin clothing and seal-hunting pictures to Twitter. Even the Nunavut government’s Twitter account has posted #sealfie pictures. Have a look.




What do you think of the #sealfie campaign and the seal harvest in Canada? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Teenage Girl’s YouTube Video Prompts #Sealfie Campaign to Support Inuit Seal Harvest