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The Sealander is a Camper AND a Boat [VIDEO]

Do you want a camper and a boat, but can’t haul both at once? Check out the Sealander.

On the list of “Stuff We Want,” here’s a camper that converts into a boat.

Yes, the best of both worlds, highlighted in this awesome video.

When you think about camping on the lake, it usually includes your camper towed by your vehicle. Taking your boat is an additional hauling job. You could also end up paying expensive slip fees or renting a boat at the lake.

Well, not anymore! The German-built Sealander is merging both.

How easy is it to convert it into a boat? All you need to do is put the electric motor on it and push it into the water. The camper is now a mini yacht…sort of.

The Sealander has a wash area and a tiny kitchen, and the table converts into a bed.

Would you try out this camper/boat?

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The Sealander is a Camper AND a Boat [VIDEO]