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Seal Tries to Join Kayaker, Balance is a Problem [VIDEO]

seal tries to join kayaker

What happens when a seal tries to join in on a kayak expedition? Balance turns out to be an issue.

We recently saw a sea lion pup in California who successfully went for a ride on a family kayak. Now we have a video from Norway, which shows what appears to be an adult seal who heard that kayak rides can be fun and wants to give it a try.

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Unfortunately for "Ron," as they named him, he is a touch larger than the baby sea lion, and when the seal tries to join, he doesn't manage to balance on the kayak quite as easily. But what he does manage is to be just as adorable while trying.

You have to admire the fact that he doesn't give up and actually seems to be having a blast while he struggles to stay atop the nose of the kayaks.

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Seal Tries to Join Kayaker, Balance is a Problem [VIDEO]