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Seal and Octopus Fight Caught on Camera [VIDEO]

seal octopus fight

A seal and octopus fight isn't something you see every day, but nature is constantly surprising us.

It isn't clear exactly how the fight started. The seal may have been curious and simply wanted to investigate the fairly large octopus.

The seal could have possibly had dinner in mind when it came across the octopus.


Wild seals are known to eat squid, and more than one has surely tasted octopus. The seal and octopus roll around in the water, with the tentacles of the octopus wrapping around the seal for several minutes before the clear victor emerges.

In the days before smartphones and digital cameras, this battle would have just been another story told after the fact. However, we are now able to see more interesting videos of things like this seal octopus fight. Animal fights never fail to amaze. The animal kingdom is an incredible place.

It only takes one viewing of an episode of "Planet Earth" to be sure of that.

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Seal and Octopus Fight Caught on Camera [VIDEO]