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Seal Hunting the Inuit Way is Hardcore and Clever [VIDEO]

Hunting requires intelligence! An Inuit seal hunter demonstrates how human ingenuity more than compensates for the physical hurdles of environment and circumstance. 

Imagine hunting a seal, on a giant expanse of ice, with only a weapon and tools you must make yourself. How do you get close enough to thrust a spear, without spooking the animal and causing it to dive into its surface hole?

Hunting of any kind and with any weapon demands levels of skill and knowledge of the wild. But we’ve really got to give it up for those pre-modern technology hunters who did it with little more than their wits and simple hand-crafted tools.

This Inuit hunter employs patience, determination, and skills learned from keen observation and knowledge of his quarry, in one of the world’s harshest environments.

The hunter takes advantage of the seal’s less-than-perfect vision and its comfort with others of its kind. He mimics the movement and sounds of a seal crossing the ice.

His clothing parrots the color and even the shape of a seal. From a distance we might even mistake the man for a seal.

His progress is slow and laborious as he assumes the posture and movement of another seal. Making occasional seal-like sounds with his voice and by scratching what looks like a bone scraper on the snow, he reinforces the illusion that he is indeed a fellow seal.

Take note of how he lifts his hand in a flipper-like motion before rising to charge the seal.

It all culminates in the hunter’s decision on when to rise and charge the seal as it dives for its hole in the ice. Thankfully the man’s long spear is able to connect with the already submerged animal. The attached line allows him to pull the beast up and dispatch it.

This is a short bit of film, without narration. But it offers lessons that any hunter can take advantage of no matter the quarry or environment that he or she is hunting.

Observation and knowledge of an animal’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own, is essential to skillful hunting. The advantages and disadvantages of a hunter’s environment and conditions is also something to consider, as they impact a hunter’s approach or style of hunting, along with the weaponry used.

While the wild game we pursue has us beaten in physical attributes, we humans have proven that we can even the field by our ability to think creatively. This short film is a great example of that ability.

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Seal Hunting the Inuit Way is Hardcore and Clever [VIDEO]