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Seagull vs. Bald Eagle: Who Will Win? [VIDEO]

Well, I guess now we know why the seagull isn’t the national emblem of the United States.

Ahh, the American bald eagle. Such a symbol of stoic strength and an unmatched fierceness. And then we have seagulls.

Those birds that flock on beaches, waiting for a poor sunbather to accidentally drop a tiny shred of bread crust so they can dive bomb in by the dozens to claim their prized snack with complete disregard to the terrified (or just incredibly annoyed) human.

So what happens when the tables are turned – seagull vs. bald eagle – and the gull becomes that prized snack in the eyes of a larger, faster, and (much) smarter predatory bird?

Why the seagulls didn’t seem alarmed at a huge bald eagle swooping around them, talons bared, I’ll never know.

One would think that after the eagle’s first attempt to grab a seagull out of the air, they all would have high-tailed it in the other direction. But, no. One not-so-quick-witted gull just had to go after a fish directly in the path of the fast-approaching eagle. I guess he won’t make that mistake again.

Long live the bald eagle.

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Seagull vs. Bald Eagle: Who Will Win? [VIDEO]