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Seabreacher Operates Like an Aircraft on the Water


Fly through the water on a Seabreacher water “aircraft”, submerging and rocketing up and out of the waves. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Witnessing a Seabreacher speed across and under the water is almost like a seeing a cyborg in action. Designed with killer whale, various sharks, sailfish and dolphin motifs the Seabreacher looks like a cybernetic organism, a combination of marine animal and high performance fighter jet. (Some are designed with the fighter jet motif as well.)

But it will definitely cause you to do a double and triple take, as it speeds across the surface of the water, rolling and twisting, submerging underwater, and then exploding up and out of the depths.

The Seabreacher website offers a ton of videos and photos of the various watercraft designs. Each machine is custom built to order.

They say that “over ten years of meticulous engineering and extensive testing have resulted in a very safe and stable watercraft” that operates more like an aircraft than a boat. There are three full axis of control to the craft: pitch, roll, and yaw. You can even perform full 360 degree barrel rolls while speeding across the surface of the water.

Here’s a video from just a few years ago. Advancements have been made in the Seabreacher since this video was made three years ago, but it gives you an excellent and exciting rundown of the mechanics of the craft.

The craft is designed to submerge but only for brief periods – no more than a minute – and is meant to go no further than snorkel/dorsal fin depth. The snorkel/dorsal fin functions as the engine intake, and going below that depth will cause the engine to stall, at which point the Seabreacher pops back to the surface. The boat is positively buoyant and will return the the surface in the event of a stalled engine.

The canopy also allows for a full 360 degree viewing as you rocket through the water.

It is something of a toy, to be sure, but man, what a ride!

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Seabreacher Operates Like an Aircraft on the Water