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Seabobs: One More Thing Fishermen Are Going to Hate

Seabobs: the fisherman’s sea otter from hell.  

Just the other day I was cruising through the Internet when I fell almost ill. One of these Seabobs appeared on my newsfeed. Oh sure, they look incredibly fun. I get why people around want to play around on one of these.

However, before you go purchase one, think of your friendly neighborhood fishermen first.

In today’s world of freshwater fishing, we get the early summer mornings mostly to ourselves. That’s about it. We fishermen share a collective shiver up our spines when we first hear a speedboat engine rev up or a jet ski turn on. Normally, this is right about the the time the sun reaches the tree line.

At that point the day is over. The the surface of the lake is owned by the lake lice.

Now…they have this.

Holy crap! Not only do we have to worry about snagging some fool on a jet ski as they go Mach-10 within casting distance from our boats, we now have worry about snagging them underwater as well!

I’m going to have nightmares.

We can still at least take shelter in the fact that, most of the time, lake lice don’t really hurt the fishing underwater. However, now they can go underwater.

Well, at least we have the evenings. Oh wait…pontoons.


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Seabobs: One More Thing Fishermen Are Going to Hate