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Sea Turtle Caught in Net Gets Well-Needed Helping Hand

The unfortunate scene of a sea turtle caught in fishing nets was captured by cameras, with a happy ending.

Too often we’ve seen wildlife, even endangered animals, struggling to free themselves from a common occurrence in the ocean: a fishing net.

This completely avoidable problem has become too frequent to not be addressed, and yet the problem keeps arising.

What needs to be done before we stop seeing scenes like this one captured off Australia’s north coast, in which a lucky sea turtle encounters a willing-and-able boater.

The saddening footage at least ends on a positive note, with the turtle getting the relief it needed to hopefully carry on with its day-to-day.

Ideally, the turtle will continue on to find a mate, reproduce, and help create the next generation of these beautiful creatures.


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Sea Turtle Caught in Net Gets Well-Needed Helping Hand