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“Sea Trees” Envisioned as Urban Refuge for Wildlife


A Dutch architectural firm has envisioned a unique way of providing homes for urban wildlife populations.

The Dutch firm Waterstudio, envisions sea trees as giant multi-tiered floating structures that would float near major cities. The sea trees are designed based on oil storage towers, and they would have multiple platforms to accommodate animals both above and below water. The structures would serve as a habitat for birds, bats, and sea life looking for an escape from city living and human interference.

The idea is more than an abstract thought – Waterstudio founder Koen Olthius, said they could make the project a reality as soon as possible. The firm pictures Mumbai or New York as ideal primary locations. Each structure is estimated to cost about $1.25 million. Since the sea trees would be constructed offshore, they also might allow builders to skirt the high cost of building wildlife reserves on city land.

Waterstudio’s concept has come about as urban sprawl continues to push out wildlife. The WWF reports half of all wildlife populations have been lost in the last 40 years. Waterstudio pictures the construction of sea trees completed with the technological and financial assistance of oil companies as a way to give back to their communities and help preserve wildlife.

Whether these projects remain to be seen, they represent an innovative way to help ensure the survival of urban wildlife species, allowing a city to modernize and grow while hopefully dampening their impact on native animals.

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“Sea Trees” Envisioned as Urban Refuge for Wildlife