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Sea Lions Bite Dog and Man, Tosses Them Aside Like Play Things

sea lions

A couple of sea lions express their displeasure with a dog and a commercial fisherman by biting them with their jaws and tossing them aside with ease.

This is really two videos in one. Different sea lions attack man and dog, displaying the power they have by easily tossing each victim through the air.

In the first part a sea lion is on a commercial fishing boat and there are a couple of barking dogs around it. A fisherman tosses the sea lion a fish, which he eagerly gulps down. Then a dog, out of sight behind some nets, apparently gets too close to the bigger mammal.

The irritated sea lion simply grabs the dog in his mouth and tosses him ten to fifteen feet up in the air and right off the boat. The dog, landing on the dock, yelps wildly in pain.

In the second video a large sea lion is trapped in the nets of a commercial fishing vessel. Several men encircle the frightened animal and try to cut him loose.

Rather than appreciating their kind gesture, the enraged beast grabs hold of the nearest sailor and tosses him aside like a rag doll. Another dog gets a little too close and the angry lion goes after it with mouth agape.

The men back away, formulate a plan and then persuade the behemoth to leave the boat with the aid of a fire hose.

You don’t want to mess with angry sea lions!

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Sea Lions Bite Dog and Man, Tosses Them Aside Like Play Things