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This Sea Lion Pup Just Wanted to Buy Fish from the Market


The dogs of the sea are it again as this sea lion pup was found in a fish market parking lot. 

Sea lions are without a doubt the pups of the sea. They're friendly, love to snuggle when they're climbing onto boats to avoid predators, and they just really love fish.

So it's no surprise when this cute sea lion pup was found wandering around a fish market parking lot in San Diego. The video below shows the scene before the rescue, with one very stressed out sea lion pup.

It's cute to joke about sea lions wandering ashore, but this sea lion pup was in danger and very confused on its location, leading to a high stress situation for it.

A rescue crew from Sea World came to the sea lion's aid to assist with a rescue that went smoothly, but not before the pup climbed into a car and played with the radio.

If you ever see a wild animal entirely out of place, be sure to call the authorities to handle the situation. With the crowd forming around this little guy, it seems to have stressed him out in a way that's not beneficial to rescue.


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California Sea Lion Pup Hops on a Boat, Squeals of Joy Follow

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This Sea Lion Pup Just Wanted to Buy Fish from the Market